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Residential Exterior & Interior Photography

We understand the importance of photography as a key selling factor for your listing. Photography provides the visual hook which appeals to the emotions and has the ability to convince a potential buyer to visit a home thereby increasing the possibility of a potential sale. We are sticklers for visual detail. It is important to us that the verticals are vertical, shadows and highlights are adjusted to show as much detail as possible and viewing angles and cropping are considered to give the best visual representation of the room being viewed.


  • every image is custom processed
  • Includes colour correction, image geometry and flash/ambient processing
  • Multiple packages to suite varying sized residences

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A picture is worth 1,000 words!

Measurement satisfies the logical side of the brain. Photography appeals to the emotions! Great photography gets a listing noticed. Below are samples of the photographic quality you can expect when you hire Precision Media & Marketing to photograph your listing.

We’d be happy to shoot your next listing and show what we can do.