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In 2024, Your First Showing is Online.

Curb appeal is still essential to spark immediate interest for listings. Here’s how to make it a “virtual” experience.

Close to 100 percent of buyers now begin their search for a property online. To help sellers attract buyers, top agents agree you should hire a professional photographer, build an immersive property experience online and share it on social media. We can help you do this!

  • Invest in professional photos: Start by having a professional photographer capture high quality photos that really show off the property you’re selling. If the photos are sub-standard, buyers will simply keep looking and potential sales will be lost. Pro shooters can make rooms look the way they do in real life. The best professionals can capture a perfectly-balanced image of the outdoors through any of the windows.
  • Entice buyers with information: Virtual curb appeal is built by displaying top quality photos as well as written descriptions that bring properties to life. Your online promotion of a property needs to grab attention and then hold interest with details regarding size, features, and flow. It needs to create strong desire with imagery and words… desire that leads to action!
  • Stage properties virtually: Many properties are professionally staged as they go on the market. Think of staging as re-styling. Old furniture is often replaced and personal belongings removed. The cost to stage a home can cost a few thousand dollars per month. Virtual staging costs less than $100 per image and is available for viewing the entire time the listing is active!
  • Create 360˚ Tours: Let prospects “wander through the property” online, clicking from room to room! They’ll be free, at least during the initial stages of their search, from the distraction of meeting and talking to current owners! Some people never want anyone lurking as they take a first look at new homes for their families. Give them the experience they want… online!
  • Post your properties on social media. If you’re working with a company that specializes in producing high-end listings (like us), find out if they offer additional services such as “Slideshow videos” for YouTube and Facebook or “Instagram Reels.” Ask them if they can post your listing across multiple social channels as part of the deal. We can, and it is not prohibitively expensive!

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