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Here Comes Peak Selling Season… Again!

Are you ready?

Why? Because “agent readiness” is everything if you plan to succeed in real estate. We’re now well into 2024. There are indications it might become easier to finance real estate purchases soon… and we all know more people will be out-and-about, looking, in a month’s time. The first thing you’ll need when sellers are ready for your help is a great listing solution: We’ve got you covered with our 4 Pillars: Measurements. Floor Plans. Photos. 360˚ Tours.

We make listing as easy as possible for you. Use our bookings calendar or pick up the phone and give Jodi a call at 587 966 4663 right now or any time. We go out of our way to work our schedule around yours. We also provide the most convenient visit on the market. It’s everything in one visit by one tech. Maximum value! Minimal intrusion! We proudly call this our Power of One service.


We’re on tour. Are you on the list?

We’re currently visiting Calgary and area’s best brokerages. If you’re on that list, we’ll meet with you, in-person or online, and show your agents how to build PMM 4 Pillars listings that help sell properties faster and for more money. Here’s what you can expect in the presentation:

  • See how to use PMM’s 4 Pillars to create listings that sell properties up to 39% faster, and 1.3% higher than list price (on average).
  •  Learn some quick stats like the percentage of new home shopping that currently begins online. The number is shockingly high. You need top quality listings.
  • Know the percentage of home buyers who believe virtual tours, floor plans and photos improve their purchase experience. Again, it’s a very high number.

Our commitment to you.

Our focus on quality underlies everything we do. From our fully detailed report, to our flash/ambient photography, to our meticulous training for all of our field staff, everything we do is imbued with an underlying drive for quality. Whether a listing is $300K or $2 million, your clients deserve your best and that starts with exceptional photos, something at which we excel! Add to this our other service pillars and we’ll have you firing on all cylinders.

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