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Introducing the PMM BLOG

We’ve Got Stuff to Share

We’ve been at this now since the Residential Measurement Standards (RMS) was implemented in 2017 and we’ve learned a thing or two along the way. Couple that with the skills our individual team members bring to the mix and we’ve got some serious clout including strong photography, measurement, graphics, writing and social media experience. And we want to share this knowledge! Our “PMM BLOG” will focus on the things that help you as a realtor more effectively list and sell for your clients. Better quality listings will sell homes quicker and for more money.

Our focus on quality underlies everything we do. From our fully detailed report, to our flash/ambient photography, to our meticulous training for all of our field staff, everything we do is imbued with an underlying drive for quality. Whether a listing is $300K or $2 million, your clients deserve your best and that starts with exceptional photos, something at which we excel! Add to this our other service pillars and we’ll have you firing on all cylinders.

Collaboration is at the Heart of Our Company Culture

We want to help you sell the services most buyers are looking for. Research indicates that homes utilizing our 4 Pillars service (measurement, photography, floor plans and VR tours) sell up to 39% faster than homes utilizing only photography. We have put together a complete brochure which outlines the specifics of each of these components to better help you address the strengths of each service. You get all the information you need from one source, which allows you to educate your sellers on the benefits of using this suite of services.

We also understand the importance of quality photography in any listing. We have a shareable brochure which outlines these benefits and explains how to prepare the home prior to our photographers arriving on site.

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